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    Serving Your Unique Network Needs with Customization

    At Computer Caddy Solutions we believe each organization and individual has different needs when it comes to networking support. That’s why we offer network maintenance, as well as monitoring and management services to minimize downtime and reduce your operational costs.

    We help you to build a robust and reliable network so you can maintain continuity and uphold the stability of your business and related computer systems at all times.

    How Our On-Site Service Works

    On-Site Computer Repair ASAP

    Our staff is always available to help you fix any urgent computer issues that you may have.

    Friendly, Responsive Service

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    IT Pros Who Get the Job Done

    Our team makes sure to find the best solution while delivering high quality results for you tech needs.

    You’re Back Up & Running Again

    Now you can work efficiently and effectively worry-free with your newly updated software and devices.

    Helping You Maximize Network Accessibility & Functionality

    Your computer network is essentially a web of connections. Configuring them can allow for seamless communication for your network.

    We have the expertise to assist with:

    • Setup your network
    • Setup Windows Workgroup
    • Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and OneDrive
    • Configure printers and scanners
    • Setup remote access for files and data
    • Setup backups on all machines
    • Setup remote support

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